Using Preventative Maintenance Software Reviews to Pick the Best Software

Reviews can make or break a product. When searching for a new product, especially software, customers often make their decisions based on the content of the review. In fact, 84% of consumers trust a review as much as they'd trust a personal recommendation.

When you are looking for a preventative maintenance software solution, it's likely you'll rely on reviews to help you know what software will best fit your needs. While you might know of another company who has similar preventative maintenance needs to yours, it's unlikely you'll be able to ask them for software recommendations. Plus, something that works for them may not work for you. Other reviews will allow you to see the scope of the software from several different perspectives.

Here are some ways you can use preventative maintenance software reviews to inform your decision on what software is best for your company's needs.

How many reviews are available?

The amount and type of reviews can be a good indicator of how well received a software is. While it might seem like only positive reviews are a good thing, it's actually a red flag. The vendor could be moderating reviews and deleting any negative ones. If there are little to no reviews, the publisher either doesn't sell many copies of their software, or buyers are so unimpressed that they don't take the time to leave a review.

A large number of good reviews, as well as a fair number of bad ones, will be a good indicator that the software you're looking at has a good reputation.

What new information is available in the review?

Even the best product descriptions might leave out valuable information you didn't know you needed. Software descriptions only have so much space to catch the consumer's attention. If they tell too much, they risk losing interest. However, the longer the review left by a software user, the more information you're likely to get from someone who doesn't have a vested interest in seeing the program viewed in a specific light.

An item might have good ratings, but information available in the review can give you more information than ratings alone. For instance, an inventory software system could have amazing ratings, but the reviews will tell you that the software is only suited for retail environments. If your company is not a retail company, this software will not help you.

Are reviews available on multiple review sites?

 By only looking at the reviews available on one site, you're risking a lot on the opinion presented on one platform. There are several reasons this is dangerous. That site could have a partnership with the company, which would influence the reviews they publish. Or, consumers on that website could be predisposed to view certain products in a negative light.

When making big decisions that impact your company, you're more likely to get the opinion of several other employees than to simply trust the word of one person. When choosing a preventative maintenance software, you'll want to make sure you see the product from several points of view instead of just going on the word of one stranger.

Asset Panda understands the importance of preventative maintenance software reviews. You can find reviews of our product on several sites, including PC Mag, Capterra, and more. If you like what you read, you can try our software at no risk to you for 14 days; sign up for your free trial here.

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