Breaking Down the Benefits of Repair and Maintenance Software

Assets provide so much value to a company – both financially and in the operations of everyday activities. From computers and printers to large tractors and fleet vehicles – a company relies on each and every asset in order to stay viable and productive. But when an asset unexpectedly breaks down or has to go out of service for repair, do you have a backup plan in place to ensure that work doesn’t come to a screeching halt? Do you know how many times a piece of equipment has been in for service and if it’s hurting productivity more than helping when it is actually in service? That’s where repair and maintenance software becomes such an important component of an overall asset and tracking management system.

As companies look for ways to save money and evaluate spending, being proactive with preventative maintenance measures for assets ensures safety and longevity for the tools and equipment employees need. When done right, it actually provides value in ensuring that equipment is kept in the best possible condition and is able to do the task to which it is assigned.


"Many asset and inventory tracking programs come with a repair and maintenance software component that allow employees to track and monitor the entire maintenance lifecycle of an asset."


Many asset and inventory tracking programs come with a repair and maintenance software component that allow employees to track and monitor the entire maintenance lifecycle of an asset. From the moment it’s entered into the database, users have instant access to all pertinent details about how an asset is used, where it is being used, the length of use, and how many times/why it has been in for repairs.

While some of the repairs are just general maintenance and upgrades, there are other cases in which an asset may be going in for repairs too much and is spending more time in the shop than doing actual work. That may mean wasted money and employee time on an asset that isn’t creating any value.

Basic Benefits of Repair and Maintenance Software

Sure you can do a quick update and jot down some notes in an excel spreadsheet about why a piece of equipment went in for repair. But chances are that most employees don’t think of that as a priority and just want to send the item off for repair and be done with it until it is fixed and back in service.

Many of today’s asset tracking programs come with built-in mobile barcode scanners that allow users to instantly scan an item when it is about to go in for service (or when it comes back into the work rotation) and include data about what it is going in for. The more data that is available to all users, the more informed and accountable employees are. Guesswork is eliminated about where equipment is. Employees can’t rely on the excuse of “I don’t know where the equipment is” if it’s been scanned and labeled as out of service. Back up plans can be made and temporary equipment brought in as necessary when everyone is aware of the status of all assets. Work can continue.

There are even more great benefits that repair and maintenance software can provide beyond those detailed above:
  • Fewer large-scale issues later down the line from un-maintained equipment that can result in huge costs
  • Regularly scheduled and proper maintenance decreases equipment downtime and the number of major repairs
  • Up-to-date equipment improves safety conditions for all who come in contact with each piece of equipment
  • Preventative measures decrease premature replacements for assets that should have a long shelf-life/usage
  • Repair and maintenance software also keeps accurate records in one central location -- reducing or sometimes eliminating lost records. Everyone can access data in one place, anytime and from anywhere. And access to these records allows data to be more easily available to 3rd party repair vendors if needed.
  • Audits are more streamlined. Companies are aware of what assets they own and how they are spending their money on them.

The ability to tap into asset maintenance schedules and history is quick and easy with Asset Panda’s maintenance tracking software system. Asset Panda strives to enable businesses to know everything they can about their assets in order to get the most value from them, and that includes equipment maintenance.

Our easy-to-use platform allows users to easily research or set milestone notices for scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, calibration deadline, etc. You can create your own milestones around equipment maintenance repairs schedules using custom date fields to set up notifications days in advance. Then, once the actions are performed in the system, you can see the full repair history with details on where the event was performed and who performed it, as well as the overall cost.

Not only will you have any time anywhere access to detailed maintenance data, our intuitive interface is a breeze to use. And integration is just as simple, with seamless import from existing spreadsheets that’ll have you up and running quickly. And whether you log in online or use our free mobile apps, Asset Panda lets your team work on devices they’re already using.

Maintenance and repair of equipment are very important for all companies – especially elevator companies who are responsible for the safety and well-being of every person who steps into their elevator. See how Asset Panda has helped a New York City-based elevator company make sure their equipment is always up (and down!) to the task.

Learn how Asset Panda’s repair and maintenance software can help you streamline asset tracking activities and save you both time and money in the process. Sign up for a free demo today!


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