Maintenance Tracking Systems Bring all of Your Players Into the Game

Maintenance tracking systems are vital to your bottom line, no matter your industry or the size of your organization. Within any company, you’ve got equipment that requires periodic inspection, service and repair. If you don’t have a thorough and accurate maintenance history for each of those items, the first time you’re likely to realize that an item needs servicing is when it breaks down. By then, you could be looking at a costly fix or even replacement. You may not know whether the repair is covered under warranty, or whether your warranty has expired.

On the other side of the equation, if you’re a company who provides equipment maintenance to other companies, you’re faced with the significant task of managing your own inventory of tools, the respective warranty information on each of those items, plus the work order schedule and the status of each of those work orders, your crew of technicians and their calendars.

Maintenance tracking systems can close the communication loop among all of these parties, creating efficiencies and saving everyone time, money and frustration. In the past, companies have relied on Excel spreadsheets to record their asset tracking data. That process is not only outdated, but unreliable and extremely limited. First of all, manual tracking is an open invitation for error. A missed keystroke, oversight or typo can throw off your records. Staff reorganizations, an employee who leaves the company or other transition could cause gaps. And an Excel spreadsheet is a difficult mode of communication when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Thankfully, technology has ushered maintenance tracking systems into the 21st Century; but not all software products are created equal. Their capabilities, flexibility and price point vary significantly. Given that many parties are involved in the lifecycle of any fixed asset, you need a maintenance tracking system that’s simple to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

Asset Panda is the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform on the market. Our simple and free mobile iOS and Android apps were built with our clients in mind. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, eliminating the need for separate, costly and clunky handheld barcode scanners. No additional hardware or software is needed to use Asset Panda – just the mobile devices your employees already carry. From the palm of your hand, you can schedule and track work orders, look up warranty information and access the complete maintenance history of any asset. Maintenance providers, meanwhile, can make informed decisions about technician assignments, update work order statuses and track their labor and material costs. Best of all, Asset Panda connects all parties involved in the process, keeping everyone up to speed and eliminating guesswork. And Asset Panda clients may add an unlimited number of users to their accounts at no additional charge.

Every organization has unique tracking needs. That’s why Asset Panda’s flexible mobile platform includes totally customizable features, like a custom dashboard, custom fields, custom reports, notifications and alerts, security settings and more. As your needs continue to adapt, so does Asset Panda. Every one of our clients receives full access to our complete features list, giving you the ability to modify your choices at any time, and without fees.

Organizations of nearly every industry and size are using Asset Panda to help them boost efficiency, increase accountability and enjoy significant and measurable savings both of time and money. Try Asset Panda free for 14 days, and experience the benefits for yourself. For details, visit


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