The True Value of a Maintenance Tracking System

What do you really know about the assets your company uses? More importantly, are you really getting the most value out of your assets? Nowhere is this knowledge more vital and in some cases, costly, than in equipment maintenance and upkeep. Many companies have no idea about the condition or maintenance history of their important assets. Employing a maintenance tracking system as part of an overall asset tracking and management platform can really make a difference financially and in employee time.

Keeping track of every single piece of equipment, additional materials, and/or consumables can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Knowing what you have is a chore in itself. But also having access to the knowledge of the condition of every asset, when/if it’s been in for service, what type of repair has been done, if it’s been upgraded goes way beyond what employees know about an asset.

Thankfully, there are asset tracking and management programs out there that make the task of managing assets incredibly easy. And what’s even better is that an included maintenance tracking system saves companies thousands of dollars and gives employees countless hours of time back in their work days. These days, businesses don’t just need access to comprehensive data about their equipment and assets – they need it in real time. If it’s old data, chances are it’s not accurate. With so many assets and employees on the move, you need a means to access your information any time of day with the assurance that it’s up to date.

Here are some common questions about maintenance tracking systems and how they can benefit your business.

So what does a maintenance tracking system do exactly?

Maintenance tracking systems help companies manage the service and general upkeep of their equipment and assets. Maintenance tracking systems also help companies keep their equipment functional and prevent disruption of workflow.

Are maintenance tracking systems viewable for mobile employees?

In today’s business environment, assets are on the move. That’s why any maintenance tracking system in tandem with an asset tracking program should be available on a mobile device. Every stakeholder in your organization should have the ability to communicate about assets anytime and from anywhere using the mobile devices they already carry. It’s a bonus to have a platform that allows you to establish custom parameters based on users, their accessibility/permission for use, and respective locations.

Isn’t an Excel spreadsheet good enough?

No! The opportunity for error is greatly increased with shared electronic spreadsheets. Employees find it’s challenging to keep up with all the details when it comes to asset tracking and entering maintenance information. Typos, duplication of effort, or gaps in recordkeeping are common. Those mistakes can cause great frustration, wasted time and money.

How does a maintenance tracking system save time and money?

Employees typically spend hours of wasted time in search of lost assets. Missed maintenance can cause the premature breakdown of equipment, driving up costs. The values of each of your fixed assets must be reported for accounting and compliance purposes. If you can’t rely on accurate data, you resort to guesswork, and that just doesn’t work and typically ends up costing a company money in the end.

Maintenance tracking systems allow businesses to better understand their requirements for equipment maintenance by keeping accurate work order schedules, inventory records, and equipment reports. Managers and decision makers can use this information to make effective arrangements that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Asset Panda’s Maintenance Tracking Software allows your team to easily research or set notices for scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, calibration deadlines, etc. Users can create their own milestones around equipment maintenance repairs schedules using custom date fields to set up notifications days in advance. Then, once the actions are performed in the system, you can see the full repair history with details on where the event was performed and who performed it, as well as the overall cost.

With Asset Panda, not only will you have anytime anywhere access to detailed maintenance data, our intuitive interface is easy to use. Integration is just as simple, with seamless import from existing spreadsheets that’ll have you up and running quickly. And whether you log in online or use our free mobile apps that are synced with the cloud, Asset Panda lets your team work on devices they’re already using such as smartphones and tablets. Other features include:
  • Reducing lost records
  • Eliminating guesswork from repair and replacement decision-making
  • Streamlining audits
  • Ensuring more accurate reporting
  • Make info easily available to 3rdparty repair vendors
  • Comprehensive directory of all your vital equipment
  • Look up the complete history of the equipment
  • Track assets by vendor
  • Check-in/out – you know where your assets are at any time
  • Notify technicians of lease expiration dates
  • Schedule routine maintenance

By having a clear picture of every asset along with their location, user, and maintenance status, your organization will be able to see the efficiency of tools you use daily. Let Asset Panda show you how with a free 14-day trial. Visit to get started.


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